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Technology and Innovation Political Roundup 24.9.20

In Recycle Week, this Innovate UK blog looks at the first set of projects underway in the ISCF’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge and looks ahead to the new SSPP competition opening on 26 October 2020.

BEIS Research Paper explores skills currently required by the heat network sector, likely existing and future skills shortages and potential skills interventions.

Going faster on global ambition to tackle climate change ahead of COP26 – Alok Sharma MP speaks during New York Climate Week. COP26 Energy Transition Council launched – Lord Callanan MP speaks about the next decade of clean energy co-operation.

Development of the R&D Roadmap – Amanda Solloway MP introduces the R&D People and Culture Strategy, promoting wellbeing for researchers and improving the evaluation of research.

Excerpt: ‘We must look seriously at whether the system of short-term grants for projects is really working, really supporting people to do their best work. Or whether it’s instead promoting a monoculture of bureaucracy and risk aversion. I want us to think about how we can use our funding to support creative and brilliant people, and places, not just the most promising projects. This means supporting sustainable and well-funded teams, units and institutions.’ Read more here.

Guidance for organisations applying for Innovate UK's funding opportunities to test ideas and develop innovative products and services.

Information current on 24 September 2020

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