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Technology and Innovation Political Roundup 4.11.20

The announcement that follows the start-up of the £55m Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) Upgrade at Culham Science Centre.


“For the first time, after a seven-year build, the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)’s £55M-machine, labelled (MAST) Upgrade, has achieved first plasma – where all the essential components work together simultaneously. UKAEA CEO, Professor Ian Chapman, said: ‘MAST Upgrade will take us closer to delivering sustainable, clean fusion energy. This experiment will break new ground and test technology that has never been tried before. It will be a vital testing facility on our journey to delivering the STEP fusion power plant.”

Realising the vision and a look at projects enabled through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.


‘A new generation of sensors will see through smoke, fog and vegetation, quantum secure communications networks will ensure our data is safe and quantum computers will enable journey times and logistics to be fully optimised, which is out of reach for today’s computing technology. The Transportation and Logistics sector is one example of where we see quantum technologies as having a transformative impact. At the 2020 UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase on 6 November, you will see that this impact will reach many sectors of our economy including pharmaceutical, energy and finance.’

New projects announced through the Automotive Transformation Fund and Advanced Propulsion Centre’s APC16 competition in the move towards a low carbon automotive future.

Over 1000 clean growth projects announced to develop new technology and create new jobs.


‘The Space Engineering Technician apprenticeship will help young people gain the technical skills needed for a career in space and follows a successful collaboration between the UK Space Agency, Airbus and the University of Leicester. The UK space sector is hungry for engineers and technologists who understand the demands that come with working in space, and over the next decade the sector aims to create 30,000 jobs. This new opportunity will offer students, for the first time, the chance to focus on topics like spacecraft manufacturing; building skills in design, problem solving and testing.’ Read more.

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Business Secretary Alok Sharm speaks at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Conference 2020transcript

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